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Lauren N. Trosclair Duncan

Child Care Provider

It was very difficult to write my testimony. I don’t like to remember when I started SWATT because I have to remember whom I was coming to SWATT. I looked at myself on a Sunday going to church with my husband and 2.5-year-old son. My husband and son both looked impeccable and received several compliments, I however, looked awful. I was now larger than I was when I was about to deliver my son. I felt physically and emotionally horrible. I was going in to McDonalds the following day and saw a trainer driving the Hummer and he tossed a card to me and said he could help and to get away from McDonalds. I let the card sit in my car for about 4 weeks then finally when a size 16 was getting too tight; I knew I had to make the call. When I spoke to Valerie on the telephone I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying. I knew immediately from her voice that I had made the correct phone call that would help me. I had just finished a weight loss program that had taken a lot of my money and I did not see the results promised. One thing about SWATT is they give you a promise and make good on it. They are honorable people and are not interested in quick fixes or a program based on hype. They even offer you a guarantee! As I mentioned, Valerie’s voice was passionate and sincere and made me believe that if I participated It would happen, not only would I loose weight, inches and feel better, but I would be better! I was convinced and started.

The workouts are designed to challenge you to your core and they are interesting and varied so your body does not build up a tolerance to the workouts. The trainers give you a balance of tough love and real motivation. You know by their actions and voice that they care about you succeeding in you body transformation. When you feel like there is no more you can give in your workout, a trainer is besides you cheering you on; and you do go farther than you thought you could. Not only do the trainers cheer for you, so do the people you workout with, your team. You develop caring relationships with others and the workouts are non competitive, but they are excellence producing! In the first month I lost 6 inches off my waist and was fitting into some of my pre pregnancy clothes. Happy did not describe my feeling at that time. I have been with SWATT going on 4 months now and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting in great physical and mental shape. Now when I dress up I don’t dread it, because now I get the compliments. Thank you Valerie, Gary for helping me to remember to take care of me!