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Susan Storey

SWATT is a truly unique workout program. While everyone wants to be healthy and fit theoretically, Gary and Val have figured out that it is an inside job. Gary's most famous quote: "The heaviest part of your body is your mind." It is a serious program which is truly fun.

Getting to a fitness goal takes patience and I had none. Getting up at 5: 15 a.m. is HARD and my inclination is turn off the alarm and rollover; but, knowing that my teammates are waiting for me and knowing that once I get there I will be met with encouragement gets me up and out the door. (The occasional surprise masseuse and power bars don't hurt either.)

SWATT fitness has been my biggest fitness challenge ever but the challenge is personal and everyone goes at their own pace. I love being outdoors and I love being part of a team but I still get plenty of personal attention. After two months of fairly consistent participation I have lost inches and pounds, but most importantly, my attitude is changing. Rather than the focus being on the future, I am beginning to focus on appreciating my performance that day and it feels great.

It is an inside job.