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Baron Owsley

Sales Representative

This has been the most incredible rewarding workouts I've ever endured. In the past 2 months I lost 14 1/2 inches off my waist. I've gained lean mass to all the right area's: chest, arms, forearms, calves & thighs for a total of 13 Ibs. of solid muscle!

This team program has allowed me to get to know myself on a much deeper level! You see I've tapped into my internal treasures and as a result life has become so much more richer. Everything I do has the richness attached to it. I'm so much more in love with life.

This is the first week into my third month of which I have committed to 3 month so I will update you on my progress.

PS The Swatt team has been a blessing to me, my God, your every move.