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One out of eight children and one out of seven teenagers are now overweight, according to the 1999 National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey. As recently as the late 1970 s, only one out of 14 children and one out of 20 teens were fat. The fraction of overweight kids has tripled since the 1960's.

The goal of SWATT FITNESS KIDS CAMP is to help young people become physically fit so they can enjoy an active lifestyle an success in sports. We want to turn the tides on sedentary lifestyles by presenting boys and girls with safe sensible strength training programs that will help them look good, feel good, and function well at home, in school, and on the athletic field.

Our fitness staff knows that even naturally energetic children have many temptations toward inactivity such as television, movies, videos, computers, and similar sedentary pursuits, which if done too often can result in an undesirable body composition fat-to-muscle ratio and poor sports performance. Unfortunately, youth who are under fit and over fat typically become adults who are under fit and over fat, which increase their risk for injury & heart related illnesses.

SWATT FITNESS is dedicated to reversing the trend toward inactivity among our children. We believe that the first and most important step is to help them develop a functional musculoskeletal system. Boys & girls should have strong muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments that enable them to perform physical activities with a high level of success and a low risk of injury. As a SWATT FITNESS participant your child can expect not only an increase in muscle strength & improve body composition, but an overall enhancement of self-esteem, increased activity, improved eating habits, and cooperation skills, while avoiding athletic injuries, and enhanced sports performance.